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Top 10 Interactive Signage
Hacks For 2022!

Top 10 Interactive Signage Hacks For 2022!

Monetize Your Interactive Experience

1. Monetize Your Experience!

Interactive kiosks provide a new opportunity for sponsors and partners to advertise and generate leads in a variety of ways.  When implemented correctly, kiosks become a new revenue opportunity and not an expense! From interactive ads and promo videos to custom games, photo booth and kiosk wraps there are many ways to monetize the interactive experience.

Video Chat Kiosks & Remote Staff

2. Video Chat & Remote Staff

Can you imagine walking up to an interactive kiosk to video chat with a real person? Yes, it is now possible! On demand video chat allows remote staff to answer questions in any environment. Eliminate the cost of on-site staffing, minimize exposure and provide a high quality experience for customers, guests and attendees. Be creative, what would your guests want to know?

Video Chat Kiosks & Remote Staff
COVID-19 Safety Signage

3. COVID-19 Safety Compliance

Upgrade your COVID-19 safety protocol with the addition of health safety kiosks. Keep staff and guests safe with up-to-date information about all COVID-19 policies and procedures. Meet state and local guidelines for staying open by combining kiosks with temperature scanning devices and a daily health survey.  Changes can be made remotely and are updated in real-time.

Custom Interactive Maps

4. Maximize Your Maps!

It is important to provide a quality user experience when navigating your campus, property or event space. User-friendly maps should be available on large format kiosks and also accessible via QR Code for mobile devices. Make sure to add maps to your website and mobile app for a seamless user experience across all devices.

Custom Interactive Maps
Custom Spin 2 Win Prize Wheel For Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk
Custom Spin 2 Win Prize Wheel

5. Custom Spin2Win Prize Wheel

Are you having a party, event or exhibiting at a tradeshow? Adding a Spin2Win Prize Wheel is the best way to attract attention, drive traffic and generate leads. Prize Wheels are fully customizable for any brand or sponsors. You can also control how often each prize is awarded using customized outcome control.

Kiosk Wraps & Info Toppers
Kiosk Wraps & Info Toppers

6. Kiosk Wraps & Info Toppers

Another great way to maximize interactive kiosks is to wrap and brand the hardware with custom graphics. Kiosks are often a centerpiece and deployed in high traffic areas. This is another perfect opportunity to sell sponsors to be featured on the graphics. Branding the kiosks with sponsors will also draw attention and let users know this interactive resource is available.

Kiosk Wraps & Info Toppers
Kiosk Wraps & Info Toppers
Custom Candy Match Game

7. Custom Games & Arcade Lounge

Who can resist a giant game of Candy Match or Plinko Drop? Now imagine your logo or sponsor logos on each one of the candies or printed on a Plinko chip. This is Gamification to the max and a sure way to have guests, customers and attendees interacting with your brand! Add lead capture and this becomes a perfect tool for exhibitors and retail locations to engage foot traffic.

Photo Booth Touch Screen Kiosk

8. Photo Booth Upgrade

Why rent or purchase a stand-alone photo booth when you can add this feature as a part of your interactive content experience? A photo booth on its own is great, but when combined with interactive content it becomes an attractive combination of fun and value for the user. Don't forget this is also a great lead capture tool.

Photo Booth Touch Screen Kiosk
Digital Posters & Brochures

9. Digital Posters & Brochures

Tired of overwhelming amounts of paper, outdated information or want to go green? Interactive kiosks are the answer! Showcase an unlimited amount of information and browse all materials using a user-friendly interface. Digital documents allow for cloud based changes and the ability to access information from mobile devices via QR Code.

Native Content, No Internet Required

10. Cut The Cord, No Internet!

Are you overpaying for unreliable, low quality internet at events? Don't let the internet ruin your interactive experience. Cut the cord and cut costs! Take advantage of interactive content that is stored locally on the kiosk and does not require internet. Native content can be customized for your brand and provide a reliable, consistent interactive experience.

Native Content, No Internet Required

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